Welcome to The Training Page

This year we want to help you train for the 5K to help you enjoy the event even more than in past years. Below you will find helpful training tips whether you are trying to complete your first 5K or if you are trying to set a Personal Best Time for a 5K.

We encourage you to find a training partner (or 2,3,4!) and if you want us to help get you connected with people of similar running ability email us at: missions.alleluia@gmail.com

​Note: learn how to be a healthy athlete whether this is your first 5K or you are an experienced runner. Free webinar hosting by Springfield clinic. You can register by clicking here 

​Running your 1st 5K

A 7 Week Training Plan for your 1st 5K 

Tips for your 1st Race

Setting a Personal Best Time in the 5K

23 Strategies for Running for best 5K

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